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I'm new to flash... but i'd like to hear from scripts/ collabs/ help/ partnerships/ anything! You don't need flash to write a script ^-^ That's really all i have to say...

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Animator/VoiceAct or

what about it?


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Comments (8)

dont rush itl just plain suck (maybe)

yeah... i decided not to rush it... i'l leave it for a day or two so i dont go insane... its too bad really... my favourite animators said it rocked... instead of a trailer i will go into the real thing ^^

Well, as has been said to me many times in the past:

Sucks to be you my friend, sucks to be you.

But yeah don't rush it, it'll end up crap and nasty.

wise words... ^-^ oh well... some of the scenes are looking better then ever... now i just feal that its time for voice actors ^^ no more awesome trailer... real thing time

^^ im over it.. il just take it as a learning curve ^^

it's really not good but we need voice actors

thanks for the not good ^^ lol but yeah... we need voice actors..

also i think its good considering its my first flash... well... my first flash that is over one scene... :( then again its looking better than ever when i lost most of it ^^

let me guess, this is gonna be a movie on VAMPIRES

also, ill be a voice actor if you need me ^_^. OK?

hm... how did you guess? what gave it away??? ^-^ and sure! il need a demo reel (just show the voices you can do... try hurt... dieing, funny screaming(like you picked up a grenade with no pin ^-^, and... try being a vampire ^-^ il send you my email address for the sounds^-^ happy acting!

it looks awesome now!i looked at others first second ect flashes and i think im doing pritty well! for the snow sniper his head bobs! first voices are coming through! (heavy altering :S) yay!

wow, this looks like it'll be really cool. how long do you think it will be until it's in the portal?

I can't really do voice acting and I can't animate at all, but if you need help with the storyline or ideas I'd love to help. as you may remember, ideas are pretty much all I have -_-

thanks! any ideas are welcome. just pm them to me or Ig188

well, i'm waiting for the best... thing ever!

yeah, me to... sitting here hoping for the best thing ever.... if you mean my flash, then i think it will pass judgement. :D thanks for the comment!

life gives us problems like this to test our commitment, or computers just hate us. lol. well it looks really good man you've really improved, dont rush and it will be great, good luck to you and to the future, man, cya.

thanks! that scene was deleted and i cant get it back :( oh well, its looking better then ever :D and im getting a lot of support from N.G!