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Alright- the boned joke at the end made me laugh xD Awesome job- a summer vacation well wasted imo :P

'Ah- it's going to be one of those flash things that thinks it's deep n such- meh-' Was what I thought when I clicked it. Then... jeeeez- it got my heart pumping and made me oddly interested in the gold guy. Really awesome fight sequence-!

I might have to check out the podcast, seems like my kind of comedy! The animations were really well done and the 'script' was pretty funny (It's basically just people laughing about random jokes about being queen n such)

I can understand why people in the comments don't really get the humor/ find the background laughter annoying, but I loved it! xD 'Turn in your badge and your gun!'

Keep up the awesome work!

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Pretty good xD Feeling pretty lucky, everyone seems to of had issues with it but I rushed through and got out on my first go/ first attempt. Didn't know you could attack the monsters, I just followed the flashing lights then the escape route.

Really liked the mechanics-! Super weird way to move, nicely done!

Yeahhhh- no, totally got some people to vote it to front page. Theres no end- lasts 5 seconds- ehh

Man- this seemed pretty cool and I can see the hardwork put into it but I ran into a few problems during the playthrough- there were also a couple of things that bugged me a little ;P

Major issues are with dieing, I shot the creature when it was super close- instantly died. On re spawning I went back- thinking the creature was randomized- decided to talk to people again- then was suddenly attacked and killed.

After another respawn, I went back- shot the creature until it ran- did the blood samples then went to shoot the suspect. He walked a little too close to me when I clicked so I insta died, respawned with very little ammo. So- I went back, shot him till I ran out- noticed some more in the room then got a couple more shots in before it left.

A little buggy with the deaths, and I feel like I bumped into some things before I should of but it was fine as the game was getting interesting. Microscope is gone- so- being that I was super suspicious of the black guy who wasn't saying anything, who was also the only one in the lab with access to the microscope at the time and the one I couldn't get blood samples from- I quickly turned on the AC. Looking close- I couldn't see any breathing from either character. Was a little unsure- but I didn't have many bullets so I decided to leave- only to have the guy I suspected suddenly attack me. Then there was a black screen that I couldn't get out of O_O

Didn't want to restart and go through it again, there's a lot of things that could be improved on but it shows some potential. Reminds me of the visitor quite a bit ;P Would be nice to have the survivors randomized and such ;P

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Right after watching Timeless I clicked fav for this song! Hit me like a train in the animation, amazing work! 5/5 instant fav


Not my type of music but i like how it all combies nicely


makes me think about a short music video of someone running!

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Wow, the background is fantastic! I find it so hard to get any lighting right yet you nailed it on multiple surfaces!


This type of artwork is really your thing man! Really nice!


The side face needs work... you need lumps for the lips (I usually have the bottem half sticking out more then the top half of a face... take a look at some anime examples and you'll see what I mean)

The ear usuallyis between the nose and the eye, and less pointy...

hair seems fine, perhaps only a few edits on the top of it...

as with the energy trails, perhaps you need more.... and brighter in the center

to top it all off and add a gloomy effect, add a radial or something, draw focus to the eye crying (Use the alpha channels, radial the hell out of it)

Hm... perhaps I should start uploading my stuff....

skylinegodzilla responds:

Yer I know what you are saying but I was not trying to focus to much on the tear
the tear itself is just a drop to show some emotion.

as for the ear I was trying something different so I deliberate drew it that low

but thanks for the constrictive criticism

I'm new to flash... but i'd like to hear from scripts/ collabs/ help/ partnerships/ anything! You don't need flash to write a script ^-^ That's really all i have to say...

26, Male

Animator/VoiceAct or

what about it?


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