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I'm new to flash... but i'd like to hear from scripts/ collabs/ help/ partnerships/ anything! You don't need flash to write a script ^-^ That's really all i have to say...

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game desine page

Posted by geco-deco12 - May 19th, 2008

well here's the game desine page. The game i am working on (with a few others (im the animator/desiner! woot!)) anyway this page will be for people to share ideas... it could be a charictor this page will also say updates to the game progress. like now name is forsaken haven or forsaken kingdom or forsaken heaven... not sure...

Basic story so far: Date 2010, a great discovery has been created that puts the humans in fear, in the middle of a snow base 3 intruders approach, after a hard core battle the 3 intruders leave, with a small army of dead... 50 years later the worlds in chaos, of course the humans survived, just now there are vampires and zombies, some of the vampires are smart and joined the humans, sadly some humans joined the vampires and are used to do research... on what? i have no idea... remember this story can change depending on YOUR ideas and Ig188(story board and programmer)

i am using this to get recognised... i am determind to finish this project... keep in mind i havent been doing this long... or fast... and it is my first... fact is i havent used flash much at all... what do you think of the first backround with the first charictor? (pst!!! it looks a bit differant on the actual thing... well alot differant ^-^)

im still new to flash but i think i have a bit of talent at it ^-^(good old self praise) look at my other desines too! this will probably be my first submission (il do a teaser first)

UPDATE! yay! nothing has gone wrong with this flash yet! exept i had to draw a head... 4 times!!!! anyway, MORE SCREEN SHOTS coming your way, woot! new grounds alpha (or mag) so you can look there, trailer coming soon...

game desine page

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dude it looks pretty awsome


getting bored... any more comments?

oh no i double posted!

looks great

thanks! The full version will be slightly differant, i have removed the overlapping lines on the tree and rock ^-^

any ideas welcome check my page for it

he is the programmer, cutscenes me, basic story him, any animation or charictors me, gaming him ^-^

No offense but...
You know i think you should make up for your grammar first...
And keep up at the flash, i too am going to make a quiz flash,.

no offence taken... i don't think i have the worst grammer though... i typed it too fast :D good luck with the quiz! what will it be about?