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I'm new to flash... but i'd like to hear from scripts/ collabs/ help/ partnerships/ anything! You don't need flash to write a script ^-^ That's really all i have to say...

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Future desine

Posted by geco-deco12 - October 27th, 2008

Ah... the future! Just testing some new techniques. What do you think? Not sure if i should animate it though...

Future desine

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( yay a comment XP )
ahh i like this technique, whats it called?

:D The technique is called... Messing around... i guess... i made it up!

I think it looks good. =3

Thanx :D

O_o gecooo get on msn now!!! im getting very angry what the hell are you doing man!?

I'm doing homework >.<

Looks freakin sweet man!

Thanx :D

I like the subliminal cigarette ad.

Buy buy now!

I was wondering: do you have a <a href="http://www.rayne.hellawack.net">www.rayne.hellawack.net</a> account? cuz I could really use your help there.

No i dont... i'll check it out :)


Thanks. Just wait untill you see the next art work!

hmn i like it man lol, so was this done in flash or in another program? and by the way, lol im back, i was gone for a while, my computer was down so im going to get back to animating soon, but first i need to practice, im a little rusty, and some time maybe we could do a collab of some sort not sure what though lol, maybe some side project or an easter egg for my main project, im working on an anime-ish series right now lol, it looks pretty good. but yeah hope to see more work from you in the future.

Awesome man, i would love to collab with you. I'm so far slow at flash though XD but i'm speeding up (I work to hard on simple things.)

Still doing exams? If you are, no rush, I'm still working on my own drawing techs. lol.

Yeah, but i have a day of today. I'll do some more on it now :P

hmm, future is not realy my thing, but your drawing is AWSOME:)
future can be realy cool and this looks realy good.
grafic tablet you say? i'll defenetly try (whatever that is:s is it a thing so you won't have to draw with the mouse?)
oh and good luck:)

Yup, tablets are things for not drawing with the mouse type of thing :P It's quite old... i should really make a new post XD