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I'm new to flash... but i'd like to hear from scripts/ collabs/ help/ partnerships/ anything! You don't need flash to write a script ^-^ That's really all i have to say...

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Animator/VoiceAct or

what about it?


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FA game

Posted by geco-deco12 - May 16th, 2009

Ok... got myself into odd things... but I came out better then ever at flash and stuff! Anyway, here's a screenshot of my char for the game i'm helping make!

FA game

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Can't wait to see it in motion!

^^ Motions going well, I've also recoloured it a bit (Added shading on the arms ect)

Idol modes done, working on the run (Planning on making him go on all fours XD)

that looks kewl
i am making a game, too! With Max :D

not max, from max and emma. My friend... the one that Max from max and emma is based off of. Her screen name is Maxas, and i made her userpage so colorful~ :3

^^ cool, let me know if you need any help :D

mine is going alright, im not too far into it though but
it looks good. so does your drawing by the way. oh
and I thought of a second special that kicks ass, read
about it when you get the chance

will do

looks shiny:D


well I got stuck with doin Larry's character, im half
way done.

Hey xc i got stuck doing ships, oh and geco how far have u done on Mario's?


To be honist, I basicly quit FA.

It got far too annoying and time wasting seeing as in I'm getting payed to do stuff know days ^^

Plus I have to work my ass off in 3D to get anywhere in life 0.0 or 2D illistration...

I've got a book cover to draw, 11 pages more of a comic (A nice and sweet £29 if I ever saw it ^^) etc... etc... And stuff like that ^^

With the amount of compitition in the word I'm going into I really need to work hard!

Naww thanks ^^ Maybe I'll download a trial of Flash in the new year.. BTW, I loved your max and emmma thingy :D

Ah, I didn't make it :P I was one of the voice actors (I actually had no idea who I was playing XD I thought it was some nerdy kid :P)

Ooh coolio ^^ Which one were you?

Ah, I was the cool hot guy XD I don't think it was my best though >.<

Twas a while back, I'm better now :3 (I think XD, I haven't uploaded anything new XD (I have new stuff... it's just practice though... perhaps I'll do a demo reel :P)