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Alright- the boned joke at the end made me laugh xD Awesome job- a summer vacation well wasted imo :P

'Ah- it's going to be one of those flash things that thinks it's deep n such- meh-' Was what I thought when I clicked it. Then... jeeeez- it got my heart pumping and made me oddly interested in the gold guy. Really awesome fight sequence-!

I might have to check out the podcast, seems like my kind of comedy! The animations were really well done and the 'script' was pretty funny (It's basically just people laughing about random jokes about being queen n such)

I can understand why people in the comments don't really get the humor/ find the background laughter annoying, but I loved it! xD 'Turn in your badge and your gun!'

Keep up the awesome work!

Awesome job! You got me to search for Ruby Gloom expecting it to be a group of D/A OC's or something rather then an actual show.

Ehhhh, I actually prefer your artstyle to the official show's art style (Probably because the show seemed to be aimed at a younger audience), still, the music is awesome ;D

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Well... I'm going to go eat a ton of apples then go for a run. Really well made, creepy as heck though and made my insides feel a bit weird.

I really enjoyed it though :D good work!

Holy hellfire that was awesome! Loved the characters even though there were no words spoken, something that's truly hard to do.

Brb, making a sandwich.

Haven't seen salad fingers in a long time. Decided to give it a watch, see how creeped out I would be...

I was not disappointed!

I loved the ending! Very well made!

I kinda liked it... but at the same time, it did my head in >< It felt like a Michael bay film, the camera was just... everywhere. I could barely make out what was going on and... honestly, I din't want to finish it.

The camera doesn't need to move around so much to make something epic, I think some voice acting, building up suspense and planning will really help your animation (Try looking at some epic fight scenes online. Rooster teeth have a few epic action scenes in their red v blue series (Season 9 onwards) and RWBY also has an awesome action scene (Episode 8, it has some nice teamwork scenes)

I can tell you went through allot of effort into making this, I'm just voicing my opinion upon it.

Gotta love it ;P But... the 4th one isn't on newgrounds? Suspicious... Anyway, for anyone who's asking, search for it on youtube. It's made by 'FilmCow'

Your welcome ;D

I'm new to flash... but i'd like to hear from scripts/ collabs/ help/ partnerships/ anything! You don't need flash to write a script ^-^ That's really all i have to say...

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