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Pretty good xD Feeling pretty lucky, everyone seems to of had issues with it but I rushed through and got out on my first go/ first attempt. Didn't know you could attack the monsters, I just followed the flashing lights then the escape route.

Really liked the mechanics-! Super weird way to move, nicely done!

Yeahhhh- no, totally got some people to vote it to front page. Theres no end- lasts 5 seconds- ehh

Man- this seemed pretty cool and I can see the hardwork put into it but I ran into a few problems during the playthrough- there were also a couple of things that bugged me a little ;P

Major issues are with dieing, I shot the creature when it was super close- instantly died. On re spawning I went back- thinking the creature was randomized- decided to talk to people again- then was suddenly attacked and killed.

After another respawn, I went back- shot the creature until it ran- did the blood samples then went to shoot the suspect. He walked a little too close to me when I clicked so I insta died, respawned with very little ammo. So- I went back, shot him till I ran out- noticed some more in the room then got a couple more shots in before it left.

A little buggy with the deaths, and I feel like I bumped into some things before I should of but it was fine as the game was getting interesting. Microscope is gone- so- being that I was super suspicious of the black guy who wasn't saying anything, who was also the only one in the lab with access to the microscope at the time and the one I couldn't get blood samples from- I quickly turned on the AC. Looking close- I couldn't see any breathing from either character. Was a little unsure- but I didn't have many bullets so I decided to leave- only to have the guy I suspected suddenly attack me. Then there was a black screen that I couldn't get out of O_O

Didn't want to restart and go through it again, there's a lot of things that could be improved on but it shows some potential. Reminds me of the visitor quite a bit ;P Would be nice to have the survivors randomized and such ;P

The game looks fun- but it crashes everytime you click out of it. It's heavily based on the mouse, so it's super frustrating clicking outside by mistake. Using chrome ;P

RubbleGames responds:

Update: I think I've fixed the freezing issue. I'm hoping I've also fixed the problem causing the crashes on loading some people have been getting. If anyone comes across any problems please let me know. I will do my very best to fix them.

Original response: When that happens it's not crashing, just freezing. If you switch to a different tab and back it'll unfreeze. Obviously that's not ideal behaviour, unfortunately the newer versions of the engine I use don't seem to like the way Newgrounds hosts games. I'm looking into it though. Thanks for the feedback.

Maaan- when I started playing this I almost rolled my eyes. <Ah- an artsy game with a sad story where you stay in one room- trying to show the grind in mmo's as a job>

Then- it slowly got more and more heartwarming, the choices never seemed to backfire and everything worked out- it was actually a surprisingly nice change! For a short story with basic gameplay, I actually really got into it! Now time to reset and see if there are other endings ;P

Love undertale, interesting idea playing as Sans- knowing it's hopeless and all that. But- it seems to be broken for me ^_^' When the kids health gets low enough, he eats a Legendary Hero and the game crashes- can't select anything. It's happened a few times

Not sure what's going on- but trying to start this game gave me 8 new windows saying to login to Newgrounds o__o It hasn't happened on other games- which is weird- I got past it by logging in but- my god that was annoying. Couldn't even click the tab the game was on without spawning another 8 tabs.

Not sure what's going on- using Chrome on Windows 7

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Yes as Crounchann said in a post before, there's a technical problem. I'm working on it.
I think the problem is with the medals on newgrounds. You must be connected on newgrounds.
Sorry. If I can't fix this bug I'll close the medals.
You can play the game here : http://matotitou.itch.io/revenge-of-dog

I liked it, controlled well and there was a lot of variety in the upgrades- each upgrade made me wonder what would happen visually to the character, making me play on ;P

The last two bosses were way too easy though, I focused on getting more bullets, faster fire rate and damage which lead to the bosses getting killed instantly- I understand why as it's hard to balance a game with upgrades involved ;P Oh- and a fickle thing- the bosses didn't have many differences from normal enemies- I think it would be interesting to have bosses that would protect themselves more/ have key parts to aim at.

Other then that- a pretty good bullet hell :P

Frozennnn responds:

Thnaks for the feedback

Really awesome, enjoying it so far ;P There's a lot to improve on, (It's a little too floaty, the air attack is super slow and the chain mecanics... eh- I tried to avoid the chain- it feels like it should be a near instant thing, at the moment you need to press it almost as soon as you left the ground xD

Still have yet to complete the game- stuck on the word puzzle in the mansion- I'm not the best at these kind of puzzles- pale... bites... doesn't talk but whispers... 5 letters- ah- I'll get through it eventually- using brute force or waiting for a guide xD

RayBeckham responds:

Not whispers, they whistle! They're under your eyes but you can't see them. I'm serious when I say they bite! Some are pointy, others are flat.

Eh- it looked pretty good, the game has a very nice minimalist feel to it and the incredably high jump makes you feel agile. However, the random level design and confusing portals mechanic makes the levels difficult to navigate and don't compliment the high jump mechanic as you're generally stuck underground. The falling blocks stop the player in his tracks and stops the flow to the game, the places they are located often just kills you after you navigated a difficult section. Without any form of checkpoints and the fact that you lose a bit of what you are carrying it can get frustrating, I would rather they weren't in game.

The timer on the cow levels seemed to have no reason other then to stop you in your tracks. There's no reason to it, nothing to suggest a danger and the level is filled with falling blocks.

The look of the game and the animations are well made- the game play does need a bit of work though. I wish you the best of luck!

hostagetest responds:

Thank! Great feedback.

About lvl design and checkpoints - I do hardcore platformer, nobody said it was easy to play ))
About blocks - you mean, block kill you when you uppear on next world? right after the teleportation?

I'm new to flash... but i'd like to hear from scripts/ collabs/ help/ partnerships/ anything! You don't need flash to write a script ^-^ That's really all i have to say...

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