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I'm new to flash... but i'd like to hear from scripts/ collabs/ help/ partnerships/ anything! You don't need flash to write a script ^-^ That's really all i have to say...

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Animator/VoiceAct or

what about it?


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geco-deco12's News

Posted by geco-deco12 - August 29th, 2008

MORE INFO ON PROJECTS ON OTHER NEWS POSTS (number 8 and 9 posts are the most recent, done at the same time, so please look at news post 8 aswell.

-------------- --------------------------------------

New styles! got to love them! i have been practising a lot! now i really need to actually do something with barly any voice acting (JVN) Here are some screen shots of the things that i am doing! of course its hard to fit it all into one page so its in 2 news posts! (the one behind)

This is a screenshot from JVN, just one of the charictors in a new style! (JVN = jedi vs ninja) idea by iamnecromatic, he was inspired by JVN that he thought needs more storyline... or something. enjoy!

P.s Can't do storyline in forsaken because no voice actors! :(

What do you think of the picture so far? (backround incomplete) Inspired by xionic and south park.

Update: Oh wow! this is my first project that has had no problems! speeding away here, and my first attempt at voice synching is going extreamly well, lots of progress. WOOT!

Update: Backround is here! YAY plus... some comide??? Wtf? :D

trying new styles!

Posted by geco-deco12 - August 27th, 2008

It probably won't make it without voice actors :( oh well... this was for the collab of the attack of the evil tv, inspired by edds world, all the script was done by me so far.

Screen shot

Posted by geco-deco12 - August 13th, 2008

I accedentaly found a working backup of the missing scenes! as the tital says... OHGODAWESOMEYESALRIGHT!

i decided on having no more extra screen shots... it would take to much away! any idea's are welcome, so is any voice actors.

The new found scenes will only speed up the time untill its done! or inspire me to slow down... oh well!

Bit of news: Recording... recording... reeeeccccooorrrrdinnnggg!!! i'm starting to hate voice acting... especialy because i'm doing it on my own... and its my first time doing things like this! i have a editor that i have to work out! In the end it sounds good but i don't think that i can do all the parts! if i do then its a all guy army and stuff :S

Posted by geco-deco12 - July 10th, 2008

I am seriosly ticked off!!! flash has deleted the thing i was working on... i had 3 freaking copyies!!! i hope i can get it back because if i cant its going to be rushed... :(

edit:no rushing :D im going to make it the best... thing ever!

ok... i am not going to do a trailer... im going to do the real thing ^^

that mean's... voice actors! any one want to give it a go?

oh and this was one of the scenes that got deleated... (as well as 364 animated scenes!!!!!!!!)


Posted by geco-deco12 - May 19th, 2008

well here's the game desine page. The game i am working on (with a few others (im the animator/desiner! woot!)) anyway this page will be for people to share ideas... it could be a charictor this page will also say updates to the game progress. like now name is forsaken haven or forsaken kingdom or forsaken heaven... not sure...

Basic story so far: Date 2010, a great discovery has been created that puts the humans in fear, in the middle of a snow base 3 intruders approach, after a hard core battle the 3 intruders leave, with a small army of dead... 50 years later the worlds in chaos, of course the humans survived, just now there are vampires and zombies, some of the vampires are smart and joined the humans, sadly some humans joined the vampires and are used to do research... on what? i have no idea... remember this story can change depending on YOUR ideas and Ig188(story board and programmer)

i am using this to get recognised... i am determind to finish this project... keep in mind i havent been doing this long... or fast... and it is my first... fact is i havent used flash much at all... what do you think of the first backround with the first charictor? (pst!!! it looks a bit differant on the actual thing... well alot differant ^-^)

im still new to flash but i think i have a bit of talent at it ^-^(good old self praise) look at my other desines too! this will probably be my first submission (il do a teaser first)

UPDATE! yay! nothing has gone wrong with this flash yet! exept i had to draw a head... 4 times!!!! anyway, MORE SCREEN SHOTS coming your way, woot! new grounds alpha (or mag) so you can look there, trailer coming soon...

game desine page

Posted by geco-deco12 - May 6th, 2008

heres what im working on!

crossroads:jades chronical (cancled due to programming difficulties, maby when i no what im doing!
un-named sniper game with strange creatures

buffalo riders
clash of the cursors
jedi vs ninja collabaration

all before my first flash! lol... think iv over done it?

the picture below is my latest flash game... this time i have a programmers help!

upcoming projects

Posted by geco-deco12 - February 23rd, 2008

Oh man... mum finaly got into computer games... so i havent been doing much flash!!! im still on my first project! :( im also making a adventure game about a reporter named jade who has to solve a mystery, and the story might change depending on what you buy... im only just making the charictor. But it might take a while because mum's on here, so i got here Lost series 3 so i have it for now :D

edit: charictor is done, any ideas are welcome, anyone can help even without flash, try drawing things in paint :D

heres the charictor so far... i will change it... and give her hands and feet.

update:Legs Changed

update: jestercap12 sent hands! they look awesome, thanks jester! oh and i tryed to alter the shirt and i think it looks a bit better :)

Error! Error! Error!!!! NO!!! Game delayed because i accidently deleted the running loop!!! ug

bad news... computer went haywire, delay... and iv got exams coming!!!! DELAY DELAY DELAY!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

decided to cancel, due to which i suck at running animations...

Still Making!

Posted by geco-deco12 - February 4th, 2008

still working on my first flash, i am also working on a game. i decided that the logo should be a decorated geco! lol. Not sure what to call the game yet tho... its gona be a birthday prezent, you can walk around and buy things while working out a mystery that will change depending on what things you buy! :D

small logo

Posted by geco-deco12 - January 13th, 2008

Ok iv now started it! flash was a late christmas prez and i have been buisy... for my first it looks awesome! i might need voice sinch help... uh... the image has lost some colour... but itl do!

Buffalo Rider