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I'm new to flash... but i'd like to hear from scripts/ collabs/ help/ partnerships/ anything! You don't need flash to write a script ^-^ That's really all i have to say...

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Animator/VoiceAct or

what about it?


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geco-deco12's News

Posted by geco-deco12 - December 25th, 2009

Yes! I finally have a new mic :P Now I can't blame the quality of recordings XD

Anyway, if anyone needs a voice actor, I'm sorted and ready ^^

Posted by geco-deco12 - May 16th, 2009

Ok... got myself into odd things... but I came out better then ever at flash and stuff! Anyway, here's a screenshot of my char for the game i'm helping make!

FA game

Posted by geco-deco12 - February 6th, 2009

Woopty do da. I felt like making a new post... Uh... about nothing really... I'm into a few collabs, i'm voice acting for some animations (Coming soon) And i'm working on a few idea's and scripts i've recived as well as my own animation... guess that thats what this post is about XD Heres a screen shot of the bar scene, nice and simple drawings.

New post

Posted by geco-deco12 - October 27th, 2008

Ah... the future! Just testing some new techniques. What do you think? Not sure if i should animate it though...

Future desine

Posted by geco-deco12 - October 24th, 2008

A drawing of me... yes i have a tail and no pupils... ok it's the made up me! Ah whatever! Enjoy! (Done in 10 seconds!)

PS logo

Posted by geco-deco12 - October 18th, 2008

Happy halloween NG! My god sister made a script and i'm animating it. Here's the preloader >.<


Posted by geco-deco12 - October 13th, 2008

So.. many... Buttons! Yeah it's random! I made it just for my user page icon thing... what do you think?

Buttons! Bwahaha!

Posted by geco-deco12 - October 4th, 2008

Hi! I felt like giving violence ago... so i chose to do a madness scene! I might not animate it... not yet anyway... So, What do you think?

Oh and the guy with no head... well theres chunks of meat flying about... lets just say he has a headache... >:D


Posted by geco-deco12 - October 4th, 2008

Well... i want to practise voice sinching but i also want to release things. Luckily I found the 5 second collab... yeah... that's just about it... oh JVN coming soon, then Forsaken kingdom. Screen shots are on other pages!

Posted by geco-deco12 - September 26th, 2008

Yes i'm lazy... never finished a project. Untill now. This project will HAVE to be finished. It's for school and i've got a WEEK left to do it! So i'm learning about deadlines! So expect more from me later on, WOOT! Look at my other posts to see whats cancledb and what still continues! Screenshots galore in my last 3 posts (not including this one)

Running out of stuff to say so heres a screenshot!

...I finished it... I acualy finished something! Well... this time i had to finish it... because its for GCSE's...

Best homework ever! Flash time!